Support for real estate transactions

Schedule a free legal consultation from an experienced advocate who has been practising in the area of civil cases for 25 years.

Support for real estate transactions
Schedule a free legal consultation from an experienced advocate who has been practising in the area of civil cases for 25 years.
Do you plan a purchase or sale of real estate?
You don 't want to be defrauded
You are afraid of loosing money and property
You need to conclude your transaction as soon as possible
You lack the time to study real estate and housing legislation
For peace of mind, order legal support for your transaction
Checking of documents and due diligence
Advantages of legal support:
Legal opinion for elimination of legal problems
Checking of legality at purchase, or of real estate ownership
Registration of title deeds
Assembly of all required documents
Submission of documents to appropriate authorities, and following-up each handling stage
Years of success in legal practice
Court case win-rate
Legal investigations into real estate
What our Clients are saying
Why do you need legal support?
If you are a buyer
Checking of legality of real estate acquisition by current/ past owners
Revealing of freezing of title/ other measures; of other parties' rights to the property
Checking of consents ie legality of any replanning/ alterations to premises
To check the vendor's background and solvency, his debts, and any other negative issues
The transaction complies with the law and thus cannot be invalidated
The purchaser will not be liable for illegal use of deposit paid
If you are a vendor
The purchase-sale contract is free of hidden terms
Full payment will be received
Как правило, гонорар за юридическое сопровождение сделки, составляет
100 тыс.руб.

Эта сумма ПОЛНОГО пакета услуг. Цена юридического сопровождения не зависит от стоимости недвижимости, только от количества затраченного времени.

Вы можете узнать точную сумму на бесплатной консультации.
Generally our fee for legal support for transactions is 100,000 rubles

This is a lump sum for the full range of services. Remuneration does not depend on real estate price, only on time spent on your case.

We shall inform you of the actual fee in your particular case at the time of free legal consultation
About us
MALASHIN&PARTNERS law firm focuses on providing legal investigation of real estate transactions
Vladimir Malashin
Managing partner of the MALASHIN & PARTNERS branch, JUNICS (member of the St. Petersburg Bar Association); advocate.
In practice as a real estate legal specialist defending the interests of private individuals and legal entities for 25 years. Awarded the "For the Defense of Human and Civil Rights" medal by the Federal Bar Association of the Russian Federation
Timur Sadikov

He has been practising as an advocate for 14 years. He deals with civil cases in courts of general jurisdiction and in arbitration courts. Legal support for legal entities'

What distinguishes our law firm

25-year successful experience in legal practice
The first legal consultation is free
On-site legal assessment

Checking of real estate blacklist
Should we order the whole range of services?
Often the Client doesn't require the full range, only the checking of documents and support for registration of title deeds. Every aspect of a future transaction and potential problems is covered at the consultation. Thus our service seeks to resolve all current issues.
I have already dealt appointed a real estate agent. Why do I need an advocate?
Real estate agents are sales specialists without a legal background. They will help you find a property or purchaser - however only you can resolve any problems arising. Only a lawyer can check the „purity" of a deal, and will defend your interests.
What kinds of real estate transactions are there?
Legal support in transactions covers: land acquisitions, gifting, purchase-sale transactions of existing and new properties.
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